Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions regarding the Kappa Sigma rush process at Baker University. If, after reading, you have any remaining questions/concerns please don't hesitate to let us know!  

What is Kappa Sigma looking for?

We are devoted to finding men who will enhance and improve our brotherhood. If you are committed to participating in our fraternal activities, chapter meetings, community service projects, and leadership programs, we are looking for you.

How does the Kappa Sigma recruitment process work?

Through recruitment events, information sessions, and spending time with the members, you can become acquainted with the fraternity and see what it has to offer. After a period of time, if friendship exists, and the fraternity believes that there would be mutual benefit from your association, you would receive a "bid," which is a formal invitation to pledge as a Kappa Sigma. After accepting the bid, you would then become a pledge of the organization and spend a pledge period learning the history of the organization and getting to know its members.

What is a pledge?

A pledge is an associate member of the fraternity. Pledges go through the pledge process (probation) to fulfill their requirements of becoming a Kappa Sigma brother. It is a term used to differentiate between someone who has attained full membership in the fraternity. It is by no means demeaning. All members, regardless of membership status, work hard to promote the values of Kappa Sigma and live up to its standards.

What happens during the pledge period?

You will learn Kappa Sigma's history, traditions, and values through pledge educators that are elected brothers in the house. Pledges will have the opportunity to attend our meetings so you can get familiar with all of the brothers and how our fraternity works. Pledges are encouraged to come out to all our events and participate with us as much as possible. At the end of the pledge period, you will then be initiated and become a full member of Kappa Sigma.

How much does it cost to be a member of Kappa Sigma?

Once you receive a bid and become an official pledge of Kappa Sigma, you will have to pay $40 a month as a pledge fee and a onetime initiation fee of $150.00 .This money goes back to Kappa Sigma Nationals and is used in scholarships for all Kappa Sigma brothers across the country. Once you move into the house, you will then only have to pay $630.00 a month which covers rent, food, cable, internet and all fees that are associated with Kappa Sigma nationals.

How long is Kappa Sigma's pledge period?

Kappa Sigma has a maximum 60-day pledge period, but it may be less. You may pledge during either the fall or the spring semesters, consistent with the policies of Baker University.

What is Kappa Sigma's stance on hazing?

Hazing doesn't create brotherhood; it creates distrust, anger and confusion. Like almost every other fraternity today, Kappa Sigma has a very strict anti-hazing policy that is enforced by the chapter Executive Committee, as well as Kappa Sigma headquarters and Baker University’s own Inter Fraternity Council.

Does Kappa Sigma offer any scholarships?

The Kappa Sigma Endowment Fund provides nearly $20,000 in scholarships to members of the Beta-Tau chapter every year. To get one takes a combination of academic achievement, and involvement in the fraternity and other extracurricular activities.


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